St. Louis Perinatal Substance Abuse Prevention / Maternal Mental Health


A vision is defined as, “what the world will look like if we are successful in our work”. Based upon this set of values, the group identified a vision for the work of the collaboration which included aspects of accomplishment such as:

  • Healthy families
  • Integration of services
  • Streamlining services
  • Successful mothers
  • Healthy, thriving babies
  • Supportive system/context

Every baby in our region of influence is born substance free to a healthy mother who has the ability and support to promote and preserve her and her family’s physical and mental well-being.

The work of the collaboration is to identify, establish and influence the relationships that the client has with and between all of the elements of the model, as well as, identify, establish and influence all of the relationships that the elements have internally and externally with each other.


To lay the foundation for the mission of the Committee a set of values they believed was important to drive their work were developed.
In relation to the Client:

  • Hope/belief in the power of intervention to create change
  • Mental health and substance abuse are interconnected
  • Mental health and substance abuse are identifiable and treatable
  • Women with mental health and/or substance abuse challenges have strengths
  • Women with mental health and/or substance abuse challenges are resilient
  • Mindfulness and moderation of judgments in relation to the client(s)

In relation to the Collaboration:

  • Interactions will be respectful of time and talents
  • Interactions will be inclusive of affected parties
  • Work will be conducted with transparency (no hidden agendas)
    • All members will be heard
    • All meetings will be documented
  • Work will be action oriented
  • Each member will bring value to the effort
  • All activities will be respectful of clients
  • All activities and interventions will be conducted through the lens of cultural competency
  • Work will reflect both Evidenced Based Practice and Trauma Informed Practice internally and externally.


The mission of the Committee is to promote increased accessibility to high quality, family centered mental health and substance abuse services, create standards of care, provide educational outreach and professional development, as well as advocate for healthy women, positive birth outcomes and nurturing parenting relationships.

Activities that the Committee will take aligned with this overall mission included:

  • Access to care
  • Legislative, funding and policy advocacy
  • Outreach to providers/practitioners
  • Standardizing of protocols for screening, referrals and treatment models
  • Infrastructure assessment and strengthening
  • Education and training of providers
  • Accessibility improvements

The Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition (MCFHC) is the home of the Perinatal Substance Abuse Prevention Committee. The MCFHC improves birth outcomes, promotes healthy families and builds healthy communities by uniting and mobilizing the region.


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